MOOC for developing Career management skills

Nurturing Skills

For years, a lot of people maintained the same job for most of their working lives. But it is not the case anymore. Nowadays, there is more work flexibility, there is constant change, while opportunities are in abundance. Generation Y or Millennials are currently between 25 and 40 years old, they are young adults, already finished their studies but due the global career crises, most of them are still unemployed or are working the jobs that are not their qualifications.
On the other hand, so called modern employee has lots of room for a tailored, meaningful, and fulfilling career. To achieve that, people need to cultivate those skills which enable them to make the right decisions in managing their careers.

Essential Competencies

Based on the existing needs, FAST TRACK project are to develop the MOVE UP – MOOC for developing Career management skills (CMS) of adults. The Course will serve as a reference point for individuals and career guidance practitioners for the most essential career competencies. It will help learners (GEN Y) to upgrade their career skills in 12 specific areas/modules.
Before starting the course, is important to identify your career skill level and existing aspects of improvement, click here to access the assessment tool.
At the end of every Module, your knowledge will also be evaluated.


Labour Market
Career Planning
Curiosity And Inquisitiveness
Self-employment Skills